A choice assortment of literary graffiti from the littlest rooms of some of the biggest libraries and institutions of the nation:
George Orwell is an optimist.
Henry Miller is a virgin.
I was here. Wait for me.--Godot
Hester Prynne was a nymphomaniac.
Herman Melville eats blubber.
Renata Adler is smarter than Susan Sontag.
Franz Kafka is a kvetch.
Leo Tolstoy drinks tea from a glass.
Marcel Proust is a yenta.
Othello was a bigot.
Norman Mailer is the master of the single entendre.
Moby Dick was a honkie.
Thoreau was a hippie.
Electra loves daddy.
Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf.
Emily Dickinson doesn't have a date for the senior prom.
Frodo lives.
From "The Book Book: A Compendium Of Lists, Quizzes, & Trivia About Books" by Steven Gilbar.